About us

WHO / AM clothing brand
for those who choose themselves
We are constantly creating something new by filling the future with new meanings.

We believe in fulfilling the potential through self-exploration and building relationships with the world. With the help of mindfulness practices we are capable of exploring the endless power within that can bring significant value and benefit to the global and local community, family and friends.

Our factory, art space and brand are designed in such a way that people get to experience and purchase pieces that will stay true to them for many years without harming the environment .

We make clothing, sell art and organize events to bring people together. The main question we are trying to answer remains the same - WHO AM I?


Standing on the side of ethic slow fashion we only use eco-friendly and high quality materials. In addition to that, we are making sure that our employees work in a safe and secure environment.

We made our choice to not chase trends and freed our business from overproduction.
Thus, we are gradually shifting to sustainable consumption and production.


By having a creative approach to clothes-making we are shaping a new cultural identity. Every piece that comes out of the WIA factory is an art piece.


Each WHO I AM collection is the act of reflecting and observing the world expressed in symbols, forms and signs that fill our products with meaning and special power, like talismans.


The fabrics we use are manufactured in Italy. They are accredited by global brands such as Adidas, GAP, Marks & Spencer Premier and meet international environmental standards.


Each piece of clothing is made by hand by the best masters in Ivanovo at WIA factory.


Jacob Yakubov and Nina Kazachek, both married couple and business founders, have transposed the principles of meaningful relationships to the business processes. They are built on unconditional trust, honesty, responsiveness, mutual support and universal love.