About us

The history of «WHO/AM» brand started with self-search of its founder and ideologist Jacob Yakubov, who studied its culture and was engaged in spiritual practices travelling for a long time through the Himalayas, Mustang (or Kingdom of Lo), Indonesia and the other countries of southeast Asia. Received knowledge and gained experience laid the foundation for synthesis of the language of art representing design as one of the art directions.

«WHO/AM» outstands for the creation of unique and qualitative things involving individual approach, мanual execution and symbolic significance.

The brand is trying to unite the аesthetics of minimalism, laconic forms with the symbols of past integrating it into the modern culture. Each thing is inspired by hand craft techniques and national traditions. Attentive attitude to the fabrics, the details and the elements turns the clothes into social code uniting a costume into a single whole and offering person to create his own alphabet and language for expression of his selfness.