HIMALAYAS, brand new collection by WHO I AM, is dedicated to the highest point of our planet and reflects human endeavour to achieve physical and spiritual perfection.

HIMALAYAS is represented in seven colors - each of them resonates with one of the seven chakras - and in black as well. The heart of collection is a bright azure blue tint symbolizing Vishuddha chakra that governs our inspiration, ideas and creativity.

The color items of collection are made of ECONYL®. It is created from nylon waste from oceans all over the world. It’s exactly as good as virgin nylon but without its most obvious unpleasant properties. Thin, stretchy, soft yet breathable, resistant to sun care products. And the most important thing: this material has the potential to be recycled infinitely, without ever losing its quality.

The other part of collection is in black. The fabric visually resembles premium costume wool while being lightweight, stretchy and able to hold the shape. Another benefit - it has a slight Spanx effect.