WHO I AM clothes

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-50% Top Trousers with pleat

Trousers with pleat

€239 €119
-50% Top Long shirt

Long shirt

€344 €172
-20% New Sweatshirt unisex

Sweatshirt unisex

€168 €135
-30% New Hoodie unisex

Hoodie unisex

€197 €138
New Hoodie


-20% New T-shirt unisex

T-shirt unisex

€70 €56
-20% New T-shirt unisex

T-shirt unisex

€63 €51
-20% New T-shirt unisex

T-shirt unisex

€84 €67
-50% New Tank top

Tank top

€105 €53
-50% New Longsleeve


€140 €70
-60% New Black long sleeve

Black long sleeve

€561 €225
-20% New White printed T-shirt

White printed T-shirt

€98 €79
-20% New White T-shirt with a patch
-50% New Black T-shirt

Black T-shirt

€126 €63
New T-shirt



WHO/AM is the premium brand for the aware people.
The brand creates wear and accessories as a way of reflexive knowing the self.

The concept of WHO/AM is handwork, natural materials, references to art and limited number of models, what confirms the brand ambition to reinforce the message of awareness of contemporary society.

The project appeared as a result of research, conducted by the founder Jacob Yakubov, during his travels in the Himalayas and countries of Southeast Asia in order to learn cultures and spiritual practices.

Brand unites art, fashion and design. Collections are presented in the same name gallery - WHO I AM Gallery.