“Rethinking” Where is my plastic bag? by WHO I AM Gallery > 08.10.2019

Lilia Li-Mi-Yan and Katerina Sadovsky

What do you think about when you hear the word “future”? Do you visualize something personal? Or do you dream of something global that will unite all human beings? Nowadays we have crossed the line of the consumer society and have made huge piles of waste. The project named “Where is my plastic bag?” is a kind of researching the plastic waste discussion and rethinking the concept of personal responsibility in terms of the future. 

Li-Mi-Yan and Sadovsky’s project consists of three key steps. The first one is the activist phase, which means plastic waste collection in Moscow museums and art-stations. By throwing a plastic bottle in a bin, everyone becomes a participant of the project. The point is not only to collect garbage, but also to make people get used to a new and unfamiliar activity. 

The other two phases are creating sculptures out of recycled plastic and conducting research in partnership with the specialists in polymer. The artists regard plastic not as a problem, but as a resource, which can be used for producing new things. 

Plastic waste has a destroying effect on our ecosystem and that is why people need to launch new eco programmes. The way of living today defines our future which is unknown. Plastic is already in our bodies. Biology of human beings is intertwined with cutting-edge technology. At the same time a large percentage of living forms is becoming extinct, but it does not mean that new forms of life will not appear. Now it is strange to consider man as the ultimate in the evolution. 

And the question arises: What innovations will save our nature and define the new era? In the end, it has taken millions of years to create mankind able to breathe, eat, make a fire, use electricity, oil and plastic. And the latter can be turned into new resources. 

“Rethinking” Where is my plastic bag?