Artisanal techniques: Embroidery

Embroidery is one of the most popular arts and crafts; it is a technique of making patterns on different fabrics or other materials using needles and threads. Embroidery is so widespread all around the world that it is hard to determine neither time nor place of its invention. It is considered that it like some other artisanal techniques was first used in the East. Ancient Greeks believed that Athena-Pallas invented the technique of embroidery; this technique was a part of culture of Egyptians, Indians and many other nations.

The artistic system of embroidery was evolved as a result of aesthetic aspirations of people and represented thinking on the language of symbols as many other ancient techniques did. Embroidery was based on the idea of rhythmic imitations of natural processes, so fabric decoration had to harmoniously combine elements of geometric or floral ornament.

Nowadays embroidery is used not only as decorative element of interior objects or clothes; it has transformed into the independent medium in contemporary art, for example, in works by Meredith Woolnough, Victoria Villasana.