Jacob Yakubov

Jacob Yakubov is the artist exploring the traditions of ancient crafts and philosophy of Zen, who is famous for his concrete works.

At the end of 2012 after his study in New York Film Academy he made a long trip around the South-East Asia and Himalayas making research on multicultural and spiritual practices.

In 2013 he started to work on design of clothes and created his own brend WHO/AM and was among creators of Night Market in Red October, a project that united art, design and fashion. In 2016 he graduated from Russian State Geological University with diploma in gemology and founded Yakubov Jewelry House.

In 2017 he founded gallery of contemporary art WHO I AM and participated in parallel programme of Moscow International Biennale of Young Artists.

The artist goes behind the practices through which a medium searches the source of his «Selfness» overcoming the social conceptions and destroying the illusion of personality. He uses the ancient artisanal traditions to combine in material contemporary technologies and crafts. The synthesis of categories of «new» and «old» deconstructs the undercover meanings hiding behind generally accepted ethical norms.

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