Balance is the essence of everything. We are always in search for balance. But every day makes it harder.

This collection is an attempt to find a balance between development and being environmental friendly, between accessibility and niche market. We added more items, simplified the cut, but we still keep faith with our main principles: canon, harmony, uniqueness and quality.

The collection includes men's and women's wool and cotton suits, long dresses and also convenient base pieces: long sleeve T-shirts, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, trousers. The outerwear is represented by wool coats and jackets that feature a laconic straight silhouette. We emphasize the line of shirts and offer different interpretations of the classic version. We wanted to create clothes that do not dictate or impose anything but allow us to highlight the individuality and just be a slightly better version of ourselves.

Main fabrics: Italian wool suiting fabric, cotton shirt fabric, wool coat fabric, thick cotton.

Black remains our main color and in this collection we didn’t give it up. The palette has been expanded to include white, cool blue, gray check and stripes.

Zip-up €312
Vest apron €197
Hoodie €186
Jacket €263
Coat €285
Coat €285
Coat €383
Long jacket €285
Dress €684
Trousers €219
Shorts €99
Trousers €219
T-shirt €55
Jeans €181