Seven gorgeous dresses are included in the WHO/AM New Year's capsule collection. Artist and designer Jacob Yakubov was inspired by antiquity, as well as by the creations of the fashion classic Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo, especially the Delfos dress, which “shows nothing, but also hides nothing”. This idea served as the starting point for the creation of the WHO/AM New Year's collection, for which dresses were developed over the course of a whole year.

Intricate draperies and a columnar silhouette are reminiscent of antique sculptures, while leaving one or two body parts open. For example, a blue viscose dress in the maxi length beautifully exposes the back, and in the mini - the back and legs. The pink transforming dress can be worn completely closed or leaving the belly and neckline open. And a black oversized dress made of thick cotton maxi length with voluminous sleeves exposes only one shoulder.

The gem of the collection is two velvet dresses. Black with a curly neckline, an open back, draperies and fine threads of glass beads (which also refers to the work of Fortuny, who decorated his dresses with Murano glass). And a scarlet dress made of velvet tapestry, with graceful pleats to the floor and an open shoulder.

Return to antiquity and search for eternal beauty - in the capsule New Year collection Fortuny by WHO/AM 2022.

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