Public talk by WHO I AM Gallery > 11.06.2018

10.10.2018 WHO I AM Gallery celebrated a year of its work.

The event was in a format of public talk and the main theme of the evening was the problem of interdisciplinary interaction in the modern world and in the art space, in particular. Constantly increasing amounts of knowledge and flows of information lead to the rethinking of the objects inaccessible to the description in the old ways. The different problems, from the theories of interdisciplinary methods till the role of the artificial intelligence and the effects of the transition to the digital age, were discussed.

The event continued with the concert of neoclassical music, performed by Konstantin Dorokhov. The speakers of the evening were Aldo Cibic, Anton Budenko, Jacob Yakubov. Among the guests were Mikhail Molochnikov, Elena Romanova, Vladimir Klesov, Elena Belonogova, Evgeniy Shutko, Elena Koldunova, Davide de Grigorio, Elena Zaychik.

Public talk