Mashpit by WHO I AM Gallery > 11.06.2018

WHO I AM Gallery presents a new exhibition by Maria Rudenko, the model and multidisciplinary artist working with oil and mixed media painting, photography and performance. The series «Mashpit» was exposed at WIF («The Women in Film», Los Angeles) and Allouche gallery in New York.

The title «Mashpit» plays off artist’s name Masha and the word «Mosh-pit», which means the area at rock concerts, where the participants mosh or slam-dance colliding into each other. Mashpit is a space, where the artist invites a viewer to collide not only with the created image, but with artist’s physical transformation into that personality.

These performances interpret the personalities through artist’s observations. When artist finally made up and dressed as the character, she invites the character’s soul to enter and influence on her own; they collide and mosh until become one.
Through Mashpit artist finds a soulful connection with her characters that transcends ego and the social-media driven world that consumes us daily.

The exhibition is opening on 19th September.