The closing of the exhibition «Adam Kadmon»

Dear friends, Adam Kadmon's exhibition is over.

We can say with a great pleasure that the finishing of our exhibition impressed us with its amazing atmosphere - incredible and truly mythopoetical one: in a magical way the pure and whispering emptiness with the main questions of being were attracting people to themselves and inviting to a dialogue.

Konstantin Dorokhov and Juan Wang presented their amazing and powerful music to us, which was accompanied by the soul of the Kristiina Kasyanenko's dance performance, and the main guest of our poetical evening was Victor Erofeev with his deep discourse about nature, beauty and art of communication.

It is wonderful to realize that all that has happened is the continuation of the important cultural mission that the WHO I AM Gallery has been performing since the first days of its existence - the rapprochement of people with the beautiful and the present despite any cultural differences; this was confirmed by the presence of one remarkable guest at our evening - Michele Tommasi - Minister-Counselor of the Italian Embassy.

And, of course, we are grateful to absolutely all the guests who came, who spent their time with us - grateful for your impressions, emotions and complete immersion in the installation.