The heroes of streetstyle. January 2018.

Last week the fashion shows in Paris have passed, so it is time to share with you some our notices about the January trend of winter 2018.

One of the trends of men’s fashion is oversize, warm sweater with high collar and enlarged sleeves. The color is chosen depending on your mood: the heroes of streetstyle wore the bright colors, the complex patterns and trendy grey or green tones.

Also, the theme of handicraft and crafts was noticeable. Today the trend is artisanal style: hand-made clothes inspired by the traditional crafts opposing to standardized and mechanically created products.

For example, the youthful artist and designer GREGORY EMVY visited show by Rick Owens in sweater hand knitted from angora yarn by WHO/AM from FW 18/19 collection.

For those, who thought about buying a sweater, we recommended to pay attention on the following positions: quality, comfortable and oversize silhouette, hand-made. The artisanal theme has never been so actual.