Collaboration: WHO/AM and V.Mukhin

WHO/AM brand is more than contemporary fashion. We are trying to create the clothes and shoes which contain the deep philosophy and go beyond the usual things produced by unified machine labor. Denoting WHO/AM style as intellectual avant-garde we mix the different art systems wherefore we cooperate with outstanding creators of our time.

The example of such collaboration is the WHO/AM vests created together with Russian tapestry artist, Vladimir Mukhin. The plots of vests depict the moment of Buddha's enlightenment and the image of Tara appealing to the person’s states of mind. These vests are the result of meditative manual labor turning into the tapestry with genuinely profound meanings. It is pieces of art made not on canvas, but on clothes of everyday use.

WHO/AM together with V.Mukhin problematizes the ephemeral nature of borders between art and fashion, but suggests an independent search for an answer. It is the example of person’s conscious choice for which the brand stands.